terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

Samba Black Show Edição 97

Bloco 1 - Samba
01.Aniceto do Império - Quando louvar partideiro
02.Bezerra da Silva - Pastor Trambiqueiro
03.Marquinhos Sata - O Rei do Cheque Sem Fundo
04.Malandros Maneiros - part Nei Lopes

Bloco 2 - Original Funk & Flash Rap
01.DJ Cuca - Same Beat Remix
02.Koll Moe Dee - Do You Know What Time Is It
03.Bloods And Crips - Steady Dippin' Instrumental
04.Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhymes Soul
05.True Matematics - For The Money

Bloco 3 - Samba Rock & Nostalgia
01.Dorothy Williams - Watchdog
02.Lillian Offitt - The man Won't Work
03.Lenny Johnson-Honey Bee
04.Little Esther - If its News To You

Bloco 4 - Black Music Atual
01.Miss Dynamite ft.Nas - Dy-na-mi-tee Remix
02.Gyft - They Just Don't Know
03.Dilated Peoples - People And Places
04.The Beatnuts - Buying Out the Bar Ft. Chris
05.Guerrila feat. Bennye Man - Compton

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Download: Samba Black Show Edição 97


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